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Building Brand Awareness Through Digital Content Marketing

Digital content marketing aiming to build brand awareness is quite different from the traditional, revenue-driven advertising that typically comes to mind. Although revenue-driven campaigns are extremely straightforward – to drive sales – the goal of content-driven marketing is to establish your brand as an interesting, valuable and trusted authority on anything and everything related to your industry.

If you don’t find a fresh, innovative way to stand out in today’s increasingly competitive online world, your brand and message will be overlooked. This is especially true at a time when many search engines reward businesses who regularly update their website content with higher rankings while tacitly penalizing stagnant websites with reduced organic rankings.

In the old days, the only way to get your animated character to wave his or her arm was to spend hours upon hours painstakingly crafting each frame and constantly readjusting your work to make sure everything flowed correctly. Now we use animation software to do all these and more.

So, how do you create content that attracts attention and establishes your brand as a voice that exudes expertise and authority?

The answer is simpler than you may think (and contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, it’s definitely not about keyword stuffing). You can accomplish this feat by consistently generating fresh content that:

  • Your audience finds interesting
  • Is relevant to your customers’ needs, wants and goals
  • Engineering demos
  • Is original and offers value to them

Although you can use content marketing to boast about new products or prompt readers to take a specific action, these assets are best as tools to honestly and accurately express what your company and overall brand is all about. In this space, you can truly let the personality at the heart of your brand shine through, and the more you do, the more likely people will be to take interest in what your company has to say.

Content marketing allows you to create a narrative and explain to people how your business fits into their lives and addresses their needs. This content indicates to search engines that your business is an established industry leader worthy of an organic search ranking appropriate to your position in the marketplace, and it also shows your potential customers how your company fits into the context of their lives.

Below are just a handful of the many, many things you can do to start effectively building brand awareness through high-quality, content-driven marketing?

2d Storyboard

Entertainment: Short films, logo designing, storyboarding

Marketing: Product and services demonstrations, ad banners, trainings and event collaterals, company advertisements

Publishing: Books and online magazines and comics

Academics: Class room tutorials and school promotions and events

Process of 2D Animation Creation at Brand Builder Global

At Brand Builder Global, we ensure that our 2D animation process fulfills your business requirements and convert basic ideas into high-quality end-results. Our professionals use latest technologies Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, 3DX Maya, and much more to bring the best results.

Concepts and Script Writing:

We at Brand Builder Global start the process of animation by understanding the concept and script and create a basic sketch of cartoon characters and sequence of animation.


After finalizing the script and basic character designing, our animation makers develop a complete storyboard. The storyboard covers everything, including production layout, flow of the story, character design, etc.

Layout Design:

Once the storyboard is ready, our team starts designing layouts by using storyboards that define action and perspective in each scene.


Animators at Brand Builder Global use animatic to pre-visualizing before actually starting the actual production work to get an idea of pace and style of the concept.

Frame Development:

The team then designs key frames to define the movements as well as the timing of movements.

Coloring and Cleanup:

After developing the key frames, our team of animators takes animation to the final stage of the drawings which is a clean-up process that generate one finished film. At this stage, colors are added to the animation.

Character Rigging and Animation:

In this stage, skeletons are designed by creating a series of bones which make and animate parts of the character in the 2D animation.

Editing and Compositing:

Our team of animators edits and composes various scenes of created in the previous step.

Voice Over:

This stage includes integration of music, voice and special effects with animation to add appeal and attractiveness.

Final Rendering Process:

Last but not least, a 2D model is created to bring the animation to life.


With internet bandwidth increasing, it’s about time to upgrade your promotional video.

Videos are helpful on so many levels – search engine rankings, sales presentations, store front loops, and so much more. With the increasing band width and cell phones that stream entire movies, consider an updated promotional video for your organization. Whether for sales direct to the public, sponsorship appeals, you tube presence, trade shows, etc. custom videos that speak to your audience can take your business to a higher level of success. Add royalty free soundtracks, voice over narrative, client testimonials, branded colour schemes and logos, and more.

Our time lapse videos are created from hundreds, even thousands of still images. Click below on the Conference Centre feature for a sample of how to show 3 days of multiple room flips in 90 seconds. Tourism Whistler utilizes this video to demonstrate their ability to best use their conference space


Publish Quality Ads

With an organized, structured and optimized product catalog, build ads that convert.

Publish Quality Ads

Segment your catalog to choose the most relevant products to publish.

Publish Quality Ads

With an organized, structured and optimized product catalog, build ads that convert.

Publish Quality Ads

Error reports and email notifications allow you to monitor your daily broadcast.


Just in case you’ve been living in a cave, let us enlighten you to the value of online video. YouTube averages six billion hits every day, making it the second largest search engine and one of the most popular marketing tactics. And with video constantly expanding beyond YouTube to platforms like Vimeo, Instagram, and Snapchat, now is the time to get your brand picture moving.

At Brand Builder Global Web Agency, we work with our clients to create comprehensive video campaigns that fit with overall brand voice and objectives. Whether you want to use video as a platform to educate users and build awareness about your brand or to revitalize your messaging with a burst of fun and smart humor, we’ve got it covered.

From YouTube pre-rolls and online commercials, to embedded video content on your site, to a fully integrated social video campaign, we can do it. Give us your wish list. We’ll make it happen.


Website Development

Our Website Development services include Web Engineering, Web Designing

Web Content Development, Server Scripting, Network Security configuration and e-commerce development. Developing a website is a long procedure which could involve developing a single static page of plain text to the most complex of applications, electronic businesses and social network services. Our experienced team of web developers is well equipped to handle all requirements across the following platforms:

  • HTML 5 Responsive Website
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Custom Products Website
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Domain & Hosting Services
  • Website Management
  • Email Accounts

Creative Website Design

We stay ahead of trends that enrich the user experience.

We balance creative skills with a strategic and technical capability to convey brands, products and services. Our web design process explores new creative ideas given a brands direction and remit.

Web Hosting Services

We ensure our clients business never stop with Cloud hosting.

We provide Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based hosting solutions. We get applications up and running faster while providing the same level of security as Pfizer, Intuit, and the US Navy.